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I am a spiritual director

A spiritual director is someone you can talk with confidentially about your prayer and spiritual life. Because every aspect of your daily life affects your relationship with God, ordinary concerns such as work, ministry, family, relationships, emotional hurts, joy, anger, sexual concerns, fears, compulsions, addictions, dreams, etc. are properly shared in spiritual direction. A director helps you explore the darkness of self-doubt, confusion, fear and anger so that you are able to be free of what blocks you from God’s loving presence. You are helped to truly see yourself through God’s eyes as the gift you are.

I accompany men and women of all faiths in their struggle to find meaning and to develop a relationship with God

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Organizational
  • Retreats
  • Days of recollection, contemplation, etc.
  • Dreamwork – What makes me different is I also work with dreams as part of my spiritual direction

Sometimes the term Spiritual Director is a bit off-putting. One way to think of the Spiritual Director is to think of a “wounded” soul companion who walks with you on your spiritual journey.

Benefits of working with me 

As a Spiritual Director, I am dedicated to helping individuals who sense that there is a deeper meaning to their lives. These individuals want to wake up to God’s reality, to establish focus and discover possibilities in their lives, while at the same time responding in a deep and sustained way to God’s call to holiness. I base my ministry on the belief that deep within the ground of one’s very being God is to be found as a “divine spark.” My job as a Spiritual Director is to help men and women to discover this spark.

Many people, though successful with respect to temporal matters, are searching and hungry for spiritual sustenance. I offer my services as a fellow traveler or pilgrim and guide in this quest. Through prayerful and reflective questions, I will walk with you and point out resources on your journey to intimacy with God. I look upon my role as helping you to discern the movements of God in your life – not to tell you what to do, but to be there for you as a support or guide, particularly when the road seems impassable or fraught with untold difficulties.

I do not give advice or tell you what to do. Mine is a listening ministry. Together we both try to discern or recognize and understand the movement of the Holy Spirit within your heart. It is all about you and God. If truth be known, the real Spiritual Director is Holy Spirit. My job is to facilitate the interaction between you and Holy Spirit and know when to get out of the way and be silent.

Although I believe I have been called to walk alongside young and old, male and female, Christian or non-Christian, I am comfortable working with those who are alienated for any reason from their particular faith tradition or for whom God is a fearful or alien presence. I am a product of the Roman Catholic tradition and have experienced in my life-time many moments of alienation, experiences and failures of which I am not particularly proud, and lost opportunities. In a word, although I call myself a Spiritual Director, know also that I am a “wounded” sinner who knows that my Father loves me. I think this is what makes me effective and trusting that I can be – with prayer – the vehicle through which the Holy Spirit works on your behalf.

If you are feeling a need to connect with your true self and others or want to discover God’s presence, love and grace in your life; if you desire to renew or deepen you faith, hope, or life’s purpose; if you seek support and encouragement in your relationships, family, work, choices, goals, dreams, loss, illness, grief, recovery, or spiritual struggles; then there is a good chance that Holy Spirit is leading you to ongoing spiritual formation. I think I can help you.

Biographical information

My name is Milton E. Lopes. I am certified as a Spiritual director by the Carmelite Center for Spirituality in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. I have also been certified in the Jungian tradition of working with dreams by the Haden Institute in Kanuga, North Carolina.

By way of background, I come to Spiritual Direction after more than forty years of academic, government, consulting and corporate experience. I have taught in several colleges and universities, held a high-level federal government post, and worked in the banking, investment, and insurance industries. I am also a Registered Mediator specializing in organizational conflict resolution and public engagement. Finally, I am a Lay Associate of a Trappist monastery and a member of Spiritual Directors International, a network of Spiritual Directors from around the world.

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